Guided tours to Black Arquitecture

It is a beautiful set of ethnographic heritage located in the foothills of peak Ocejón, made all based slate and wood , hence its nickname of black architecture, the blackish color with red and ocher tones of its components. If we add him, a natural area consisting of beech, yew, oak, springs, ..., we find a place with a special charm. The route would be, visiting in the morning the Majaelrayo Valley:

- . Chapel of the juniper . Tamajón
- . Campillejo
- . Campillo de Ranas
- . Majaelrayo

Food in Valverde de los Arroyos

- . Valverde de los Arroyos. Included in website "The Most Beautifull Villages of Spain"
- . Rise to the waterfall of "Despeñalagua" . 4 km hiking roundtrip

It is recommended in autumn and spring. For up to the frills , the following equipment is recommended:

-. Comfortable shoes or sports mountain
-. Comfortable clothes and cap walking
-. sunscreen
-. Water
-. Nuts or chocolate

This route can also combine with other destinations using the afternoon instead of seeing the valley of Valverde de los Arroyos , the following locations:

- . Guadalajara capital. The city of Mendoza
- . Hita. Historical Site

Duration: this tour is to be all day. Starting around 9:30 am and finishing around 6:30 pm.

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