Guided Tours to Entrepeñas

By the 60s, it began to build one of the most important works of engineering of our country, swamps of Buendia and Entrepeñas, head of the Tajo-Segura corridor. Specifically, Entrepenas, which belongs to Guadalajara, has a number of places we can visit under the shelter of the reservoir water.

-. Entrepenas gates of the dam. Sacedón
-. Pareja. Location which highlights its olma (today dry) and the mainchurch
-. Lunch in Durón
-. Budia. visiting the church, main square and old convent of the Carmelites.


May be included in the route to visit the monastery of Monsalud of Corcoles, €3.00 pax and also replace any of the locations by visiting Alcocer, accessing your church, known as the Cathedral of the Alcarria and apothecary XVII.

Duration: It is a path for all day starting around 10:00 am and ending around 18:00

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