Guided tours to Pastrana

It is known by one of the historical figure who lived there, the princess of Eboli, a great character of the court of Felipe II. The visit consists of:

-. Gate and Convent of San Francisco
-. La Palma Street
-. Fontain of 4 Spouts
-. Collegiate and Museum of Tapestries 4,00€ pax
-. Main Street and Square of Hour
-. Ducal Palace. 2.00 € pax

There is the option of visiting other buildings on request, as the Teresian Convent Museum of San Pedro. € 2.00 pax


This resort can be reconciled with the following destinations:

-. Bolarque Dam. Visiting the town of Almonacid de Zorita
-. Recópolis. Archaeological Park Visigoth era and Zorita de los Canes
-. Guadalajara. The city of Mendoza.
-. Torija. Visiting Tourist Interpretation Centre of the province of Guadalajara


Duration: the visit lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes

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