If you want to enjoy a special visit, where we are going only a reduce group of persons, a couple or only you, that is your perfect choice. It is not the same to access a cultural espace when you are with big groups and this is a handicap to visit some places, that with this option that I offers you we can do. You have at your disposal this follow extra services that I can get you, such as:



  • Skip the Line. Preference access to some monuments and exclusives cultural places. I book your entrance, you do not have to worry about it.

  • Brochures and Books.

  • Receptors of audio-guide.

  • Souvenir. Basket of typical products.

  • Reserve of Shows and Plays.


  • Coaching in group. For small groups that want to mix tourism and personal development.

  • Knows the secrets of Lavander in Brihuega, visiting the field, destillery to enjoy at the end of a wonderful sunset in the middle of the smell and colour of this beautiful flower.

  • Meet a Beekeeper and his work place. After you can enjoy a honey tasting.

  • Discover and enjoy one of the wines more importants of Castille, Finca Rio Negro.

  • Enjoy of a handmade beer tasting, VULTURIS.


  • Stop&Drink. If you want to make a break during or at the end I can get you a drink.

  • Drinks or Soda for these visits of full day.

  • Booking restaurants.

  • Catering in the field. If you want a quality picnic in the middle of the nature.


  • Car and Driver

  • Book of Public Transport tickets