Guided tours to Natural Park "Sierra Norte"



We are at the top of the province of Guadalajara, Natural Park of the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara is a natural park that stretches across the northern mountainous province. Encompasses saws Ayllon and Pela, including minors, and preexisting natural park of Tejera Negra, nature reserve Lobo-Cebollera Mountains, river Pelagallinas, and National Hunting Reserve Sonsaz among other natural spaces in the area.


Within this beautiful nature park, we also found the peoples of the Black Architecture, at the foot of the peak Ocejón, where popular architecture mingles with nature full of oak, beech and juniper. To make hiking trail in that area, I recommend a very simple, which reaches the frilly Despeñalagua, a route of 2 km trip that starts from Valverde de los Arroyos.


In the case of the Beech Forest Nature Park Tejera Negra, you must meet certain requirements in order to access certain areas of the park:

1. Beech exist two circular routes, marked with interpretive panels and beacons, for walking, and they are:. The Path of Carretas (6 km.) And Oak Grove Trail (17 Km with possibility to link it and continue by Carretas). There is a circular route signposted bike reaching the Brambles river (21 Km).


2. Autumn is MANDATORY reseva square to access tourism park located within 8 km of the Interpretation Centre where the Path of Carretas begins. The rest of the year is good


3. No reservation required for the Path of Oak Grove or for the bike path Brambles River and leaving the Visitor Centre, where you can leave parked vehicles.


4. For safety can not access the largest indoor car 35 seater buses.


-. Comfortable hiking shoes or sports
-. Comfortable clothes for walking and stick
-. Sunscreen
-. Water
-. Nuts or chocolate

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