Guided tours to Natural Park "Río Dulce"



The Dulce River is the result of erosion of the river on the Iberian erosion surface that forms the alcarreño high moor, which mainly rests on limestone. It has a total area of 8348 ha and is known because it Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente filmed several chapters of the famous TV series "El Hombre y la Tierra".


It is very close to the beautiful city of Sigüenza and in the nature park are small towns like Pelegrina or La Cabrera, particularly near the first viewpoint is named after the naturalist and the house where he used to keep his film material is.

We can do the following routes:


• Aragosa - La Cabrera (7.2 km, linear circuit)

• Aragosa - Pelegrina (6 km, linear circuit)

• Gorge “Pelegrina” (4,5 km, circular circuit)


-. Comfortable hiking shoes or sports
-. Comfortable clothes for walking and stick
-. Sunscreen
-. Water
-. Nuts or chocolate

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