Guided tours with old people

In all the time that I have been working as an official tourist guide, I can say that the groups of adults are the ones who usually visit during the week.  


I work with associations of retirees, centers of mayor as much of municipal management as regional, of Madrid, as well as of other nearby provinces like Zaragoza, Cuenca or Toledo. Without forgetting those centers managed by the Red Cross or the Universities of Seniors.    


What should you keep in mind? 

 -. Comfortable route. I selected the most comfortable tours for groups. Where they can enjoy a day where they enjoy, but without stress.    

-. Rhythm. Within a group of older people, it is worth noting that not everyone is in the same age range and does not have the same mobility, so in my visits, the pace is fundamental, where everyone feels integrated and does not stay off the hook.  

-. Bathrooms. It is necessary to take into account this point, since there are people who by the medication that they take, they need to go to the bathroom in a continuous way, for that reason, always control the points where there are them.

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Ruta visita a centros educativos




Ruta visita a centros educativos