Guided tours to Black Architecture

In the middle of one of the most important Natural Parks of Guadalajara we have the villages of the Black Architecture, do you know why is this name? because all buildings are made by slate and thanks of the color of this stone is the name. You can spend all day between the two valeys around the mountain of Ocejon.


Some of the most famous villages are Campillo de Ranas, Majaelrayo or Valverde de los Arroyos, with me you will discover others more and not only the traditional architecture, as well the way of life and nature of this beautiful corner or the highlands of Guadalajara.


It is recommended in autumn and spring. For up to the somes little tours as the waterfalls of Valverde, the following equipment is recommended:

-. Comfortable clothes, shoes or sports mountain and cap walking
-. Sunscreen
-. Water
-. Nuts or chocolate

This tour can also combine with other destinations after lunch, such as:

- . Guadalajara capital. The city of Mendoza
- . Hita. Historical Site

- . Cogolludo. Historical Site

Duration: this tour is to be all day. Starting around 9:30 am and finishing around 6:30 pm.

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