Guided tours to Schools

Children and teenagers are the future tourists of tomorrow, but we can also say that they are tourists today, only they demand a sirie of different things the average tourist.


Besides, their visits are often very funny, as they see things that no adult would and will ask questions that often you will never think to ask. Always, it is good to make visits from the perspective of the innocent eyes of a child, as always, you learn something new.


In a visit with children or teens, you should have several premises:

-. Be concise. You can not enter a lot of historical or artistic data. That is a function of the age of the child or adolescent and also what your teacher wants you to do incapié.


-. To share with you the story. If you tell them the story like a parrot you will not pay attention, however, if you do fun, encouraging them to ask questions, are more alert and some were left.


-. Do not assume things. Ie not explain assuming techniques, colors and lights, explain it as if "they were children," simple and teaching picture.


-. Making games. Especially with small, making them look for characters in the pictures or details on monuments.

In my career I have worked with both schools and colleges, as with groups of families with children.


If the child learns and you enjoyed the visit, then go home and tell their parents everything you have seen, making them likely to be interested at some point in knowing where has your child.

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Ruta visita a centros educativos




Ruta visita a centros educativos