Guided tours to disabled people

Tourism must be suitable and accessible for everyone, regardless of their physical or psychic condition, that's why I wanted to do this section in I want to show the destinations you can find out of my hand adjusting to the conditions of each type of group.


In my professional experience I have been guided by these lands to groups with disabilities, blindness and people with intellectual disabilities. A very rewarding and enriching experience. The most beautiful thing I have expressed to me at the end of a tour, was with a group of ONCE, when a lady told me that "I had seen the monument thanks your explanation", so I am satisfied.

-. People with disabilities in the view:


In 2011, I was part of a course taught by the ONCE, where we got to know the different types of blindness, and it's not just one person in complete blindness, than one who does not see well up close or another that not look good from afar, before this, namely putting such people on the tour so they can fully appreciate the monument. Especially be very clear explanations and the dimensions and shapes of nature so that, to let them see the building.


-. People with intellectual disabilities:


Such visits should be entertaining and not bringing many historical and artistic data, depending on the degree of disability, of course. In recent years I have worked with groups of FEAPS, boys and girls with Down syndrome and others with other intellectual disabilities, being very rewarding experiences.


-. Disabled:


Groups of people with psychomotor problems with wheelchairs or crutches, adapting the visit at short distances, planning to visit monuments accessible.

Sign language for deaf-mutes do not know, but I can facilitate contact of two guide signs

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Ruta visita a centros educativos




Ruta visita a centros educativos
Ruta visita a centros educativos
Ruta visita a centros educativos