Meet a beekeaper & honey

Speaking of Guadalajara, talk about the Alcarria among other counties, but if we try this, we are talking about a product internationally known, honey, declared as Denomination of Origin since 1992, but that takes place in our land since ancient times. The main types of honey are:

-. Single-flower honey lavender
-. Single-flower honey rosemary
-. multi-flower honey

On this visit we will know the secrets of bees and honey in the hands of a professional beekeeper. Visit the "City of Honey", a facility near Horche a few kilometers from the capital of the province. Click on their name to access their website.


It is possible to make a honey tasting, as well as a visit to the hives with all the protective material enabled for groups up to 15 people. You can also purchase honey and other bee products.

You can combine the following destinations:

-. Pastrana's villa Princess of Eboli
-. Entrepeñas route visiting their villages and marsh
-. Guadalajara. The city of Mendoza family


Duration: The site visit consists of about 45 minutes.


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