Ghost tours to Guadalajara


Guadalajara, like any other historical city, has a large number of mysteries hidden between its streets and old palaces.


On this route, the first in Guadalajara themed with ghosts of the city, we will go on a guided tour of those points where presences are still felt, telling paranormal activities of people from today with people from other centuries.


The route is outdoors, although we can go to some palaces as long as the opening hours allow it since it is done at night and, depending on the time of year, we start at a specific time, depending on the sunset.


Remember, if you want to know the history of the city having a little fear, knowing legends of queens, nobles and commoners, murders and mysteries, this is your chance


For Halloween, we perform them dramatized


For more information, do not hesitate, contact with us, to know a little better the afterlife


Duration: is approximately 90 minutes


Meeting point: in front of the sculpture of Cardinal Mendoza, close to Infantado Palace.

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