Guided tours to Brihuega

Brihuega is a villages of the Alcarria in Guadalajara. Last years has been posicionated as one of the most important destinies in Spain thanks to the fields of lavender, whose flowers are full of color and smell in summer during july and part of augoust.


But this little village has much more to visit that only in one month and half per year, it has a great history. It was ruled by the bishops of Toledo, in my tour you will discover the romanesques church Saint Mary of the Rock, the old caves from muslim period, the ancient building of the Royal Cloth Factory and their gardens or Museum of Professor Max of miniatures.


In this guided tour to Brihuega you will feel the water in each fountain as for instance the 12 pipes water fountain "La Blanquina". And of course you can not finish without your honey jar and visit a lavender destilery too.


You can combined Brihuega with the following destinations:

-. Sigüenza. The city of Doncel. Historical Site
-. Cifuentes. Birthplace of the Princess of Eboli
-. Guadalajara. The city of Mendoza.
-. Torija. Visiting Tourist Interpretation Centre of the province of Guadalajara

Duration: the visit lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes


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