Guided tours to Jadraque

This town is located in the famous way of the Cid, the medieval knight most famous of the history of Spain, who passed through this land when he was exiled in XI century.


The visit to Jadraque is easy, we can go to the church of Saint John to admire one painting of Zurbarán, one of the most important barroque painters of Spain, "Christ collecting clothes" to continuos to the little room of Jovellanos, place where hosted this spanish politician in the XIX century and was visited visited by his friend Francisco de Goya, who help him to paint some frescoes in this room.


To climb to the castle must be walking if we are going by bus, if we are going in a private tour we can go closer by car and watch the skyline of the highlands of Guadalajara.


This town can be visited in half a day, can be reconciled with other locations including:

-. Cogolludo. The locations of the Dukes of Medina
-. Guadalajara. The city of Mendoza family
-. Hita. The villa of the archpriest Don Juan Ruiz, author of the book "Good Love"

 Here I recommend you to eat one of the famous plates of the province, the lamb


Duration: The tour lasts approximately one hour and a half, not counting up to the castle

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