Guided tours to Palazuelos

Perhaps the most unknown Artistic Complex of the province of the seven, located between Sigüenza and Atienza, which shade him, so much so that even Palazuelos is a hamlet of Sigüenza. It is nicknamed the "Avila" of the Highlands of Guadalajara, because it retains a large, if not almost all, of the walls and medieval castle, raised in the time of the Marquis de Santillana, S.XV.

What do we visit?

We will visit the main gates and walls of the village, discovering how was the used of this sistem not only of defense, it had anothers more. In this Artistic Historical place pass the Way of Saint James, do you know why?, well I will tell you in my guided tour.

DURATION: It is short, about an hour and a half approximately, you can combine your visit with other nearby towns such as Carabias, Sigüenza, Atienza or Salt mines of Imón


This resort can be reconciled with the following destinations:

-. Sigüenza. The city of Doncel. Historical Site
-. Atienza City of kings
-. NP "Río Dulce"
-. Carabias. On tour of romanesque of Guadalajara

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