Guided tours to Torija

When the government of Spain created the new National motorway that pass through the province of Guadalajara, Camilo Jose Cela, the spanish Nobel Prize writer, author of "Journey of the Alcarria" said the next sentence: "they have created this motorway by the ugliest part of the province and it is not of justice". It is true that is not the most beautiful place, but not the ugliest one, I like to say the less atractive.


Torija is one the villages that this motorway pass close and is beautiful place like others, we can visit one of the most important castle of Guadalajara, inside we have the museum of the book of Cela "Journey of the Alcarria" and the Tourist Office of the province. But not only this great civil building, we can visit its church and the main square, one of the biggest of Guadalajara


Torija can be combined with this others places:

-. Guadalajara. The city of Mendoza
-. Brihuega. The Garden of the Alcarria

-. Cifuentes. The county town which saw the birth of the Princess of Eboli

-. Trillo: begining of Alto Tajo NP

Duration: The duration is approximately 1 ½ hours

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