Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions

Guided tours to Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions

Business Tourism is one of the most important. It is not only the moment of being in meetings during hours and hours, is much more. Some companies has decided last years to share their time with their workers to meet each other better. This is MICE tourism.


What I can offer you as a tourist guide? 

 -. Your times. sometimes yours meetings are long and you do not finish at time to start your leisure activity with me, but do not worry I am here to share your time when you will finish and if I have to be more time or split my explenation, I do.


 -. Empathy. As a tourist guide you must undestand that you are all day working and the last thing that you want is to continuos with a class of history, do not worry about that, I know that I must be nice to be a funny moment, but with rigor, One thing does not get in the way of the other.


-. Offer. There are so many kind of conferences, meetings, incentives or exhibitions, for instance one of them are coaching during a weekend between workers or incentives for being get to your tarjet per year. I offer you three kind of visits: regular visit, gymkana or a visit with a wine/beer tasting.

-. Regular tour. Where you mark the times that you need

-. Gymkana. to strengthen ties between colleagues

-. Tour&Tapa. At the end of the visit you will taste a good beer or wine of Guadalajara.

As you can see, I offer you different varieties that will make your meetings in an exceptional moment.

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