Urban gymkhanas

Bored of doing guided tours in a traditional way?, well here's a different and fun way, which by evidence and clues scattered throughout the historic parts of the city, you will discover curiosities of monuments and history of Guadalajara.


What types of Gymkhanas?


Mainly there are three that I've thought for you, a traditional, photographic and other gastro-bar.

-. Gymkhana around town. From a starting point with the first track, each group has to go where you think is the next and so, go collect the other tracks, reaching the goal.


-. Photographic Gymkhana. A mode in which through photos, have to deduce that part of the city have to go to find the next picture and so the goal.


-. Gymkhana gastro-bar. Gastronomic tourism is also important and what better way to experience the delicacies we have on earth through a gymkhana where we can taste them.


This route is designed for groups of friends, families, farewell bachelor parties and even schools.



-. Minimum 10 people.
-. The meeting point is usually based on the type of Gymkhana
-. In all no prize for the winning group.

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