Guided tours of Protocol

When an institution, whether public or private, wishes to complete an official visit with a guided visit to the destination where the event is being held, in most cases they have little time.    

During my time as an official guide I have had the opportunity to teach the corners of Guadalajara and Madrid to high political, university, diplomatic and business positions.



What should you keep in mind? 

 -. Times. Fundamentally, tight schedules make them have little time for leisure, so you should be concise. If you have more time, better for everyone, but in this case, you should always mold yourself.


 -. Empathy. In protocol visits you have to take into account many aspects, origin, culture, religion, ... because when dealing with people from different parts of the world, they all have a different vision than we have.


-. Presence. Not only referring to the physicist, but to the manners and treatment, since in many cases, not to say always, the guide is the only ambassador he will have in the city, being largely responsible for the memory that is taken and that Then communicate to your own contacts.

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Ruta visita a centros educativos
Ruta visita a centros educativos
Ruta visita a centros educativos