Guided tours to Cogolludo

Cogolludo is at the begining of the highlands of Guadalajara. It is a village the keeps inside a beautiful secret, you will find out in my tour the first Renaissance Palace of Spain, built thanks to the Cerda's family. From XV century until today the history of Cogolludo is connected with this building.


But not only we will visit the palace, the most important monument, its church and streets too to finish to the top to watch the skyline of Guadalajara. Do you know that there are a theory thats maybe Cristobal Colón could have been born in this land? if you want to discover it, call me and I will tell you in my tour.


This visit can combine with other locations such as

- . Atienza. Medieval City

-. Guadalajara capital. The city of Mendoza
- . Black Architecture.
- . Hita. Historical Site

We can combine the visit to Cogolludo with the winery Finca Río Negro where we can taste their wines. 


Duration: The tour lasts approximately about 2 hours.


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